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Heart Saver First Aid

Heart Saver First Aid, CPR/AED

Heart Saver CPR/AED Skills Check Off


cost: $55.00


The online portion of the Heart Saver First Aid, First Aid/CPR/AED, and CPR/ AED is accomplished through the American Heart Association's website and can be accessed at:

AHA charges $23.00-$39.95 for part 1 of their online course.

Click on Course Catalog (Top of page), then click the Heart Saver course that you need under workplace training.

Once you have finished the online course and are ready for your skills check off. Please print out your completion certification and schedule your appointment with us.

This service is for the skills practice and the skills test portion of Heart Saver online courses.

Course manuals are not provided

Every client will be added to an automatic renewal program that will send out an alert email/phone call two months prior to card expiration.

You can opt out of this service.

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